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Rules & Regulations

Re-opening with restrictions

We have been working with our local officials on a safe reopening plan and have received permission to reopen some aspects of the business. Our Dog Training Bootcamps will resume as of Friday, June 5th and private training lessons will resume on Monday, June 8th. The pool will be reopening as well starting Monday, June 8th for private lessons and rentals. Group Classes / Workshops will resume the week of July 5th. New Classes and workshops will be posted shortly on our Training Schedule



  • Social distancing for all, a minimum of 6 feet, whether inside or outside of the building

  • During this time, there will be no public restrooms available. 

  • We ask that there be no congregating in the building or in the parking lot.

  • There is no crating allowed in the building. You will need to work from your car at this time if you’re working a few dogs.

  • If you do not feel well, please DO NOT come to the Dog Mall

  • Per CDC guidelines, Masks must to be worn at all times when inside the buildings and must be worn outside if social distancing cannot be maintained. Please bring your own mask.

  • Please make sure to use hand sanitizer often. While we will have some available for staff, it is best to bring your own. 

  • Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your scheduled time.

  • You will be entering the training building from the back and exiting on the parking lot side. Please do not enter the building until the person ahead of you has left.

  • During the COVID Pandemic, we are only taking online credit card payment (i.e., no cash or checks) so there is less chance of contact transmission)


  • Only one dog and one handler at this time (i.e., no other family members)

  • Do not enter the building until the instructor asks you to enter


  • If you are renting the pool or taking a private lesson, we ask that only one person comes with the dog at this time. However, we’ll permit a second person if you’re practicing dock diving and need a holder.

  • When coming for private dock diving lessons, there will be a marker on the dock that you will need to stand behind while the instructor is working with your dog. You may only come closer if the instructor moves away from the ramp and asks you to as they will not be able to wear a mask in the pool. The 6-foot distance needs to be maintained.

  • There will be no towels, toys or life jackets available for use at this time. Please bring your own supplies and make sure that anything that comes with you leaves with you (e.g., trash, toys, treats, etc.).


  • For Bootcamps, this will be curbside drop-off and pick-up. The trainer will come out and get the dog when you arrive and bring them out when you return at pick up.


  • For underwater treadmill and laser, please do not enter the white shop (i.e., rehab building). Wait until someone comes outside to your car. 

  • The rehab specialist will take your dog inside to do the appointment and you will remain inside your car during the appointment.

  • At the end of the appointment, the rehab specialist will come outside with your dog and you can schedule your next appointment. 


  • In order to limit the total number of people present in the building, we are allowing only ONE HANDLER PER DOG into the facility. We are asking friends and family members, who may have previously attended classes, to remain at home or wait outside of the building while class is running.

  • If your class uses equipment, we ask that you do not touch the equipment. Only Dog Mall staff should be handling the equipment at this time.

  • Your instructors may have additional requirements for their specific classes. They will communicate this directly with you.

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