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Disc Dog

Compete in this fun sport or just impress your friends!

Disc Dog Training

If your dog loves balls, toys, or generally just chasing things, you might want to try Disc Dog. As you'll see from watching Hannah (trainer) in the video, it is more than a dog just catching a frisbee; it involves timing from the handler, controlled obedience, and a well thrown frisbee. It's one of the few action dog sports that is super fun to watch, but doesn't involve anything more than an empty field and a frisbee; you can impress your friends with skilled routines and the athletic abilities of your canine partner! If you're already into other dog sports (e.g., agility, obedience, etc.), the skills you learn here are an great compliment to the ones used in many dog sports, and obedience your dog will learn is very practical in dog training. 


Compete in Updog Disc Dog Games

There are a few different venues for Disc Dog, but the one we recommend is Updog. Their events are all about fun. Every team at every level can enjoy competing and earning achievements. They include many different types of games that are designed to help develop foundational canine sport skills at all experience levels. Some of the games are a hybrid of dog sports and others are traditional disc dog games like freestyle and throw and go.
As you compete, you can get Digital badges or awards published on your profile and tactile achievements that you can earn through participation in any UpDog game.

UpDog Game Example: Funkey

There many games in Disc Dog, but one of Hannah's favorite is "Funkey". Points are scored by the dog completing an obstacle or making a catch of a roller or throw in the score zones. Each obstacle has a point value assigned as shown on the field diagram. Each score zone has a designated value. A catch in the “four” zone scores 4 points; the “two” zone 2 points, etc. 


UpDog Game Example: Frizgility

The object of the game is for the dog to successfully maneuver through 3 obstacles and then make a catch in the catch zone, return, go back through the same set of obstacles and make a catch in the catch zone. The field shown is 1 field set up out of 3 options. As time permits, the team will continue to move back and forth through the obstacles and catch zones until the 60 second time expires racking up points as they go.


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