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Dock Diving

Non-Sanctioned competition 

Dock Diving Non-Sanctioned Competition

We're doing a one-day dock diving competition with 5 Splashes and an air Retreive competition game. The top 5 dogs in each division will compete in finals. See the divisions below. Remember, you're only competiting with the dogs that jump within your division (e.g., your dog jumps 9 feet, you'd be in Division 1 with other dogs that have jumped up to 9 feet 11 inches - see the divisions below). 


If you're beginner, come give it a try with just one splash (i.e., one splash is two competion jumps with the best of the 2 jumps counted as  your official jump). If you're a seasoned Veteran, sign-up for a bunch of jumps to increase your chance of making finals! 


Please note that the times below are estimates. 

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