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Dock Diving Toys

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This chuck-it toy is a standard favorite for most dock diving dogs. It's light and easy to throw,. It's also comes in two bright colors, which makes it easy for the dog to see in the water. It has soft-but-durable memory foam material, so he can sink his teeth right into it, but don't worry, the rubber ends make it float!

Chuck-it bumper.JPG

I don't know what it is about this toy, but it's our go-to for getting dogs into the pool the first time. it squeaks which helps get their attention. the tail wiggles that real life critter feel. it's soft rubber and they just love having it in their mouth and retrieving it from the water. 

Squeeze Meeze Duck.JPG

This wubba is Specifically designed for the water, and we've noticed that it is the secret weapon for those folks competing in "Catch-IT" during our Ultimate Air Dogs Competitions. The reason is simple. The tassels of the wubba give more to grab onto in mid-air, so you'll increase your chances of a successful catch.

Wubba Wet.JPG

If you dog loves tennis balls (we've found some dogs will only retrieve tennis ball, s/he'll love Kong's version. it's great for dock diving since it squeaks and we squeak it to get your dog's attention and keep them motivated. Also, Its high-quality material makes this toy a long-lasting one, plus it won’t wear down your dog's teeth. Plus, this fun bouncy ball is made with a special non-abrasive felt, so it won’t harm your pal.

KONG SqueakAir Balls.JPG
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