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Watch the video: First Lesson FAQ

How do we train for dock diving and/or swimming? Watch the video and learn what you can expect at your private lesson for swimming / dock diving at The Dog Mall:


Here as some facts about the lesson

  • Free Towels for your use at a lesson

  • Free Treats (hot dog bits) if needed

  • Free Toys on hand for your use

  • Bring friends and family to watch

  • Enter the pool if you want (we don't recommend it as it doesn't see to help get the dog in faster)

  • Split an hour with a friend or a few friends

      Or just book a 1/2 hour for your dog

  • No water experience or obedience required

  • We recommend 30 minutes per dog

Dock Diving: First Time Lesson (FAQ)

Dock Diving: First Time Lesson (FAQ)

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General Rules: Dock Diving 101

What is dock diving? What are the rules for Ultimate Air Dogs competitions? Watch the Video and learn

  • Video tutorial narrated (listen with sound)

  • General Rule Summary

  • Cost for competition

  • Open practice explained

  • Procedures

  • Placement information

  • Finals and specialty finals explained