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About Our Massage Therapist

Trinity Hill has has been on The Dog Mall team for over a year now. She has gone to school specifically for canine massage therapy, so your 30 minute session isn't just some random person rubbing your dog where ever. Trinity has been trained to find muscle knots and properly work them out. 

<---Listen to Trinity as she describes her work on Oscar the dog during a massage session.

Watch a massage appointment below
Canine Massage Benefits
  • Reduces pain and/or discomfort from stiffness, inflammation & muscle spasm 

  • Improves muscle tone, spinal/body alignment, flexibility & range of motion 

  • Increases energy, concentration and alertness 

  • Reduces anxiety and stress; eases emotional traumas 

  • Promotes circulation and lymph blood 

  • Helps immune system function 

  • Aids in healing from surgery or injury 

  • Builds self-confidence, trust and sociability 

  • Promotes longevity and slows degenerative processes 

  • Provides overall well-being for your pet.

​There are MANY additional benefits beyond the ones listed above, so, please don’t confuse canine massage as just pampering. It is a serious form of healthcare for your dog, and the skilled manipulation of the soft tissues of the body can relieve pain, reduce anxiety, promote longevity, and aid in healing from surgery or injury.

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