Air Dog Club Membership

Annual Membership $100 per dog 

+ $25 for each additional dog

Whether your dog just needs exercise or you want to compete in Dock Diving, the Air Dogs Club has a lot of value, like discounts and free group practice (offered 10-12 times a year). Not to mention, hanging out with our other awesome members. Become part of the club today!

Membership to the Air Dogs Club Includes: 

  • Free Group Practice (4-6 hours)

  • Free Open Swim / Dock Diving (2 hours)

  • $20 for ½ hour rental (vs. $30 non-member)

  • $40 for 1-hour rental (vs. $60 non-member)

  • $36 for ½ hour lesson (vs. $45 non-member)

  • $60 for 1-hour lesson (vs. $75 non-member)

  • Other free member events throughout the year (TBD)

Training Membership

Annual Membership $100 per dog 

+ $50 for each additional dog

A fully trained dog doesn't happen after one class session, especially if you want to get involved in Dog Sports, like Agility, Flyball, Rally Obedience, Schutzhund, etc. It's a process and with a Training Membership at the Dog Mall, you'll show you're a responsible and dedicated dog owner, committed to the well being of your dog. For that dedication, we'll reward you with discounts on classes, private lessons, day training, day socialization and another fun events. If you plan on taking multiple classes throughout the year, the training membership is right for you. With your annual membership, you'll get a discount on all classes, seminars, and workshops throughout the year.

The Dog Mall Training Members discounts include but aren't limited to the following:

  • Agility Class - $120 members (vs. $150 non-member)

  • Nosework Class - $135 members (vs. $160 non-member)

  • Puppy Class - $135 members (vs. $160 non-member)

  • Reactive Dog Class - $145 members (vs. $175 non-member)

  • Real World Class - $145 members (vs. $175 non-member)

  • AKC Testing - $10 Members (vs. $15 non-member)

  • Other Workshops / Seminars (Various pricing discounts)

  • Daycare (full day) - $30 (vs. $35 non-member)

  • Discounted Private Lesson Packages

Annual Membership $125 per dog 

+ $100 for each additional dog

A Fitness / Rehab membership shows your dedication to your dog's health. This membership is designed for either dogs that have an injury that needs to be rehabbed over time, healthy dogs that compete in dog sports (e.g., Agility, Dock Diving, Fly-ball, etc) where strength conditioning can help prevent injury, or dogs that show in conformation where regular exercise can enhance their form. However, any pet dog can benefit from regular exercise to lose weight, burn off excess energy, and stay healthy as they age.

The Dog Mall Fitness / Rehab Membership discounts include but aren't limited to the following: 

  • Free use of FitPAWS equipment (Appointment Required)

  • Free use of Dog Land Treadmill (Appointment Required)

  • Free 30 Minute Fitness Session per month (Appointment Required)

  • Underwater Treadmill Session- $20 Member (Vs. $40 Non-member)

  • 30 Minute K9 Massage - $15 Member (Vs. $30 Non-member)

  • Laser Therapy Treatment - $15 Member (Vs. $30 Non-member)

  • Discounts on Special Events (TBD)

Fitness / Rehab Membership

All Inclusive Membership

Annual Membership $200 per dog 

+ $50 for each additional dog

Get discounts on everything that we offer at The Dog Mall with our all inclusive membership. The all inclusive membership basically gives you all three memberships for the price of two, so if you feel you want two memberships from the Dog Mall, you'll definitely want our all inclusive membership to get the most out of your dog training journey. You'll have the opportunity to explore all different types of training classes and dog sports while keeping your dog healthy and fit. 

The All Inclusive Dog Mall Membership discounts include but aren't limited to the following:

  • All Discounts from the Air Dog Club membership

  • All Discounts from the Training membership

  • All Discounts from the Fitness / Rehab membership



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