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Monthly Membership

Get Discounts on nearly everything we offer

Dog Mall Monthly Membership

Our monthly membership is the BEST value you can ever imagine at low monthly price. It includes discounts on just about everything we offer at The Dog Mall, including classes, workshops, private lessons, pool time, underwater treadmill sessions, laser sessions, etc. It also includes FREE access to the fenced-in yard (must be booked online), and one Free 30 Minute Pool rental**. 

Sign-up for a Monthly* Membership (click options below)

Once you sign-up, you'll get an email that includes discount codes for the above pricing. The codes change each month, but you'll get the discount codes emailed to you each month upon monthly payment. For any class, event, workshop, etc. you'll simply enter the code in the "Redeem coupons or gift certificate" on the sign-up page to get the membership price. it's that easy!

*This membership is paid monthly, but it is a commitment for 1 year (cancel anytime after 1 year or allow it to continue). 

Read Below About The Dog Mall Membership Benefits

Pool Discounts

With your Dog Mall membership, you are automatically entered into our Air Dogs Club! Our Air Dog members are passionate about their dogs and you'll feel that passion if you join us at Air Dog Club practice* (Free as a member) or at our Ultimate Air Dog Diving Competitions. Whether your dog just needs exercise or you want to compete in Dock Diving, the Air Dogs Club has a lot of value, like discounts and free group practice (offered 10-12 times a year). Not to mention, hanging out with our other awesome members. Become part of the club today!

Membership Includes: 

  • One Free 30 Minute Pool Rental** each month

  • $20 for ½ hour rental** (vs. $30 non-member)

  • $40 for 1-hour rental** (vs. $60 non-member)

  • $36 for ½ hour lesson (vs. $45 non-member)

  • $60 for 1-hour lesson (vs. $75 non-member)

  • Other free member events throughout the year (TBD)


**To rent the pool, join open swim, or join dock diving practice, your dog needs to schedule a lesson to confirm they can enter and exit the pool via the ramp without help.

Training Discounts

A fully trained dog doesn't happen after one class session, especially if you want to get involved in Dog Sports, like Agility, Flyball, Rally Obedience, Schutzhund, etc. It's a process and with a membership at the Dog Mall, you'll show you're a responsible and dedicated dog owner, committed to the well being of your dog. For that dedication, we'll reward you with discounts on classes, private lessons, bootcamp, socialization and another fun events. If you plan on taking multiple classes, workshops, or lessons throughout the year, the membership is right for you. With your annual membership, you'll get a discount on all classes, seminars, and workshops throughout the year.

The Dog Mall Training Members discounts include but aren't limited to the following:

  • Agility Class - $120 members (vs. $150 non-member)

  • Nosework Class - $135 members (vs. $160 non-member)

  • Puppy Class - $135 members (vs. $160 non-member)

  • Reactive Dog Class - $145 members (vs. $175 non-member)

  • Real World Class - $145 members (vs. $175 non-member)

  • AKC Testing - $10 Members (vs. $15 non-member)

  • Other Workshops / Seminars (Various pricing discounts)

  • Drop-in Classes

  • Discounted Private Lessons

All Service Collage.JPG

Fitness / Rehab Discounts

Our monthly membership also gets you discounts on our rehabilitation and fitness services. These services can be used if your dog gets an injury that needs to be rehabbed over time; these services can even be used for healthy dogs that compete in dog sports (e.g., Agility, Dock Diving, Fly-ball, etc) where strength conditioning can help prevent injury, or dogs that show in conformation where regular exercise can enhance their form. However, any pet dog can benefit from regular exercise to lose weight, burn off excess energy, and stay healthy as they age.

The Dog Mall Membership includes discounts on the following rehab and fitness services: 

  • Free Fenced-in Yard usage (need to book day/time online)

  • Underwater Treadmill Session- $20 Member (Vs. $30 Non-member)

  • Laser Therapy Treatment - $20 Member (Vs. $30 Non-member)

  • 30 Minute Rehabilitation Session ($25 vs. $37.50 Non-member)

  • 30 Minute K9 Fitness Session ($25 vs. $37.50 Non-member)

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