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Our Facility

Large Building: Outside

Unlike most dog training facilities, we are located in a neighborhood as part of a historic district. As such, our 5,400 square foot steel building looks more like a regular wooden building from the outside, and we are embedded into a regular neighborhood (keep this in mind one your first visit as you might drive by us).  

We are just around the bend from intersection of Plymouth street and route 58, only a mile from the Route 44 extension, and only 15 minutes from the Plymouth Waterfront.

The whole building is heating with radiant heat in the winter time, so the heat comes for the floor, which provides very even heating, especially given the high ceilings. We also a rooftop A/C Unit in the back of the building and two vent-less, duck-less units in the front to keep the building cool in the summer time. The also serve as dehumidifiers in the winter.

big building.JPG

The Dog Mall, Inc

174 Plymouth St

Carver, MA 02330


Please note: The door facing the street is fake door for ascetic appearances; it is not functional. There is an entrance facing the parking lot in the front with the overhead "The Dog Mall"; however, that door is usually locked as we prefer people to enter from the rear entrance just around the back corner (see picture). The double door is typically for entering the training side and the single door is typically used to enter the pool side. If either door is locked as you enter for your class / lesson, try the other door. 

We have a large handicap accessible bathroom inside the large building with plenty of room to change (i.e., you may get wet from your dog if you're doing dock diving).

We also have green dog waste stations that have dog waste bags and a garbage receptacle.  please dispose of any dog waste in those stations (not inside our garbage barrel inside). 

Large Building: Pool Area

The Pool area is approximately 3,000 square feet and consists of our regulation size dock diving pool and 40 foot dock. Here are some facts about the dock diving pool:

  • Pool is 20 wide x 43 feet long

  • Two water filters with skimmers cleaning the water

  • Pool water is treated with bromine (i.e., very similar to chlorine except it is softer, more stable, and has less odor)

  • Hp is balanced in the pool regularly

  • We use two double Pet Step ramps for exiting the pool

  • the pool has two measurement banners (one on each side) that measures up to 35 feet for distance measurement

  • The water is heated through radiant heat in the floor

  • The water in the pool is kept ~70-72 degrees in the winter

  • Ceiling is approximately 20' above the dock (i.e., no risk of dogs hitting the ceiling

file dec 09, 8 52 52 pm.JPEG
file dec 09, 8 57 53 pm.JPEG

Here are some facts about our regulation size Dock:

  • Our Dock is 40 feet long x 10 feet

  • Dock has professional quality astro turf installed

  • Our dock is firm, steady, and provides great support

  • Made of Composite wood (i.e., like TREX decking)

  • The Dock is completely fenced-in

  • Dock has two gates

    • One prevents dogs from leaving pool area

    • second blocks off the ramp access from the pool 

      • used primarily for training purposes

  • Ramps can be removed, which allows for mini jumps​

    • Only done for training purposes​

  • We have an Extreme Vertical Rig attached to the dock​

    • This rig can be used for practicing EV in Dock Dogs

Large Building: Training Area

The Open Training area is approximately 2,500 square feet and is were a majority of our training classes, workshops and private lessons are held. Here are some facts about the open training area:

  • Open area is approximately 30 feet wide x 80 feet long

  • Flooring is Great Mats (soft foam rubber), which provides a nice soft surface with excellent grip

  • Primary entrance is located behind the building

  • We use ring gates to divide up the building if needed

  • There is storage behind the dock to store agility equipment and open up the space for workshops

  • The whole area is well lite with overhead lighting

  • the space is completely open with no poles or beams to the floor

file dec 09, 8 52 15 pm.JPEG

Small Shop: Outside


The Small Shop is the home of our physical rehabilitation center. The small white building was built in the 1930's and has an interesting history (e.g., home, ice cream shop, gift shop, etc.). This shop is approximately 750 square feet and houses our underwater treadmill and other fitness and rehab equipment.

The building is heated in the winter with propane heat and there are two window a/c units in the building to keep the building cool in the summer. The front deck has a handicap accessible ramp from the parking lot to the front door.


The best way to enter the small shop is from the parking lot via the handicap ramp on the side of the building, which wraps around to the front door of the shop. 

Fenced in Yard


Around the back of the shop, we have a fully fenced-in back yard where you can walk your dog (as long as there are no daycare dogs outside or classes held outside). The is also a doggy waste station with bags and a trash just outside the main entrance to the backyard. there are few chairs that are usually setup in the back. 

Here are some facts about our outdoor area:

  • it is approximately 0.25 Acres or 10,000 square feet

  • Grass is mowed weekly

  • Ground is relatively flat, but it does slop to the back

  • The grass can be a little soggy on rainy or damp days since we have wetlands directly in the back of the property

  • The fence is wooden in the front and chain link in the side and back

  • We typically leave one gate unlocked during the day

  • There is plenty of room to play ball and let your dog or dogs run around


Small Shop: Inside Rehabilitation Center

The Small Shop is the home of our physical rehabilitation center. It is designed not to look like a vet's office and is more like a home with chairs, carpeted floor, and windows. Most dogs typically shut down in a vet's office setting, but we feel this type of setup will make a dog feel like s/he is in a house, making it a better experience. 

We typically will perform the warm laser therapy (seen in the left hand corner of the picture) in this front area. 


Towards the back of the shop,  you'll find our Companion Underwater Treadmill, which features tempered glass, bi-directional belt drive (i.e., forward or backward), walk-in design, and 400 gallon storage tank. The water in the tank is heated to 95 degrees and can be fed into the Underwater Treadmill at level needed for the dog's size.  This heater water is excellent for stimulating muscles and has a therapeutic feel to the dog. For advanced conditioning, our treadmill can reach speeds of 7 miles/hr and we have water jets that be turned-on for extra resistance. 


To the left of the front door, you'll find much of our FitPaws exercise equipment which can be used for rehab purposes or Fitness purposes. We use this small open area on this side for performing most of the exercises using this equipment (we don't need much room for these type of exercises). We also have a desk and computer where we can schedule your next appointment or process payment. Just around the corner in the back, we have a small bathroom for customer use (if a handicap bathroom is needed, we have one in the larger building).

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