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We firmly believe you dogs shouldn't eat food out of dog bowl. Training revolves around the concept that your dog needs to "earn the food".  In our house, we never just "feed our dog". Food time is training time, and we'll spend 5-10 minutes training during meal-time using their food as the reward. however, we don't alway have the time to train, so we use various dispensing dog toys like this one. Although we aren't training, our dog still needs to figure out how to get the food out and she learn that she must earn the dog food through "work". 


KRUUSE´s iconic BUSTER Cube is an ingenious toy recommended by many animal behaviourists. Now the BUSTER Cube is available in funky and bright new colours and in brand new packaging. Fill up the BUSTER Cube with food or treats to stimulate your dog both mentally and physically by encouraging natural hunting instincts. The tasty rewards keep your dog entertained for hours.



Buster Food Cube Slow Feeder - Black

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