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This kit has all of the elements you need to get your dog fit! Agility kit for agility and cardio, 2 Mini K9FITbones for balance and core fitness and Targets for Limb Awareness and Training!

Learn how you can exercise your dog using everything included with the video links below:

FitPAWS Mini K9FITbones

It’s is a fun way to bond with your dog, teach them a new behavior and strengthen the core ~ which is the powerhouse of your dog’s body. Fun fitness training with the Mini K9FITbones™ is also a great way to reduce stress, burn excess calories, and it’s a healthy “job” for your dog.


Set of 2 Mini K9FITbones™  – Download updated Mini Bone Info



  • Core and Limb Strength
  • Improves Coordination
  • Better Joint Health
  • Creates a Stronger Bond
  • Reduces Behavior Challenges
  • Senior Strengthening
  • Puppy Confidence Building
  • Great for All Dogs

Mini K9FITbones™ DOG BALANCE BONE: approx. size 11.5″ x 6.5″ x 2.5″ (5″ High when stacked) Balance Platform (pump included)
• Superior Gripping – Made For Dogs
• Sensory Bumps provide Neural Stimulation
• Exercise sheet included
• Colors:  (include 2 razzleberry colored Mini Fitbones)

    CanineGym® Gear Agility Kit

    Looking for an activity that encompasses many aspects of physical and mental fitness for you and your dog?

    Agility helps develop a stronger bond, confidence and self-awareness for dogs of any age or breed.

    Mix and match to create new mental challenges and incorporate exercises that strengthen hind limbs, front limbs and core.


    Indoor and Outdoor Exercise
    15 minutes a Day – Downloadable Exercise Cards


    • Cardio
    • Agility
    • Gait Training
    • Body Awareness


    • 6 – 12” Cones, 3 Height Adjustments
    • 3 Collapsible, Interlocking Jumping Rails
    • 2”, 5”, 8” are the hole settings.
    • Lightweight for On-The-Go Portability
    • Some Rail Assembly Required (Space Saving)

    FitPAWS Targets

    FitPAWS® Targets are packaged with four flexible Targets (2 blue, 2 yellow) in the colors that dogs see best!
    Each Target is 10″ diameter.

    • Teach Limb Awareness – Step on Target
    • Use Target to Stay in Particular Place
    • Create Fun Training Games
    • Target Training
    • Conformation Stacking
    • Body Awareness


    FitPAWS Targets: Training new behaviors


    Place one Target on the floor and use a clicker or treats to reward your dog when they show interest in the Target. You can start by luring them with a treat in front of their nose and then directly above the Target. Or consider trying Shaping to have your dog make decisions for their selves. Progress to rewarding your dog when their foot is on the Target. Then move the Target to different spots and see if your dog can follow the game! Use FitPAWS Targets to teach “stay” “send-away” and “go-to” commands.


    FitPAWS Targets: Introducing dogs to the FitPAWS Canine Conditioning Equipment


    You can also use the Targets to help your dog become accustomed to the FitPAWS equipment. This is especially helpful if your dog doesn’t know an “up” command. First have your dog learn to touch the Targets when they are on the floor. Once your dog masters the touch, move the Targets to the FitPAWS Equipment you want to have your dog work out on. For instance, you can place two targets on the side of the FitPAWS Peanut to help your dog learn how to place two feet on the ball. From there, it’s just a matter of moving the targets on top of the Peanut.



    FitPaws National Canine Fitness Month KIT (3 Sets in one)

    $174.85 Regular Price
    $131.14Sale Price
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