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Rules & Regulations

Fun can't happen without safety

Please keep in mind that these rules are for the safety of everyone - you the customer, the neighboring community, our instructors, and of course our furry friends.  We want everyone to have a great experience!! We promote a safe environment for both people and dogs. By laying-out some basic rules, we can govern and control some of the factors that can lead to problems; of course, dogs can be unpredictable, so there is never any guarantee that unexpected events could occur; however, we can greatly reduce the chances of an accident or issue if everyone follows these rules. Please be respectful of the instructors and staff who may need to enforce these rules. They are doing their job as we have instructed them, which keeps everyone safe. 


General Rules and Regulations

  1. Please keep your dog on our property (don’t walk across the street to the park). We have a grass area to walk your dog and a fenced-in yard, so there are plenty of places to potty your dog on our property.

  2. Good sportsmanship is essential when training.  This includes: common courtesy, being respectful of your fellow students and instructors and lending a helping hand when needed. Of course, use of foul language or abusive behavior toward any member is prohibited. Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted on the property.

  3. Dogs must be kept on short taut leads at all times except when otherwise directed by the instructor. You are responsible for your dog’s behavior at all times. Each dog must have a properly fitted collar. Puppies should start with a plain buckle collar.  Each dog must have a leash of leather or fabric. Flexi-leads, chain leashes or any other form of recoiling leash are not permitted. Remote controlled collars or e-collars are generally allowed. However, if our instructor observes improper use of the device, s/he could tell you to discontinue it’s use.

  4. There will be no hitting or rough treatment of dogs. Canine aggressive behavior towards other dogs or people is not acceptable and will be handled by the instructor. Aggressive dogs are not allowed on the property. Any dog showing signs of aggression will be asked to leave the property. No unnecessary force or mishandling of your dog will be tolerated.

  5. No female dogs allowed on the property while in heat.

  6. You are responsible for cleaning up and disposing of any mess that your dog makes. Clean-up supplies are provided.  Please dispose of waste in the appropriate outside receptacles around the property (do not dispose of dog waste inside our trash container found inside).

  7. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes with rubber-type soles and flat heels. Athletic shoes are recommended. No bare feet on the blue mat. it can be slick with bare feet.

  8. Owners are expected to keep vaccinations current. Copies of rabies certificates. Sick dogs should not attend any classes nor be on the property.

  9. A signed Hold Harmless Waiver are required for classes or lessons.

  10. The owners or instructors reserve the right to dismiss a handlers for any unacceptable behavior, non-compliance of any rules or regulations, non-compliance of any instruction issued by the owners or instructors. In this instance, fees will be forfeited.

  11. The correct training prerequisites will be required prior to your dog being allowed in class. We assume if you sign-up for a class or workshop, you know your dog is an appropriate fit for the class. If you have any doubt about whether a class is a good fit, you should contact us before signing up for the class to confirm it makes sense for you dog.  

  12. The owners of The Dog Mall may relax any of the above rules if, in their sole discretion, there is sufficient cause to do so, without prejudice to any of their rights. These Rules and Regulations may also be updated from time to time.

  13. If you bring a crate for your dog or a chair for yourself, please put a mat or something underneath it. Our floors are a foam rubber and can get imprints from wire crates or chair legs very easily.

Pool Rules and Regulations

  1. Pool rules include all general rules in that section in addition to any rules found in this section.

  2. ALL dogs must be leashed while entering and exiting the building. This includes leashing in the parking lot and when going to and from the dock. It’s possible that other dogs are in the building finishing up and not all dogs are friendly.

  3. Only ONE dog can be jumping off the dock at a time. No Exceptions. Multiple dogs jumping from the dock increases the risk of injury.

  4. You are responsible for any potty accidents that happen on the dock. Please pick up after your dog and ask a staff member for clean-up supplies if necessary. We strongly encourage you to walk your dog before you enter the building which reduces pee / poo accidents. If you have a pool rental or lesson for an hour with one dog, you should take a bathroom break with your dog outside 30 minutes into the rental or lesson to ensure the dog doesn't pee / poo on the dock or in the pool.

  5. Close the gate behind you as you enter the dock with your dog; this ensures your dog can’t leave the dock and prevents other dogs from entering the dock. Also, as you leave the dock, please ensure the gate at the top of the stairs is closed. This prevents dogs from running up the stairs and getting to the pool without the owners consent.

  6. Once your dog is wet, please keep them off the blue mats in the open area. We do allow for space in certain areas on the blue mat, but parts of the building are gated-off from the pool area. Most days, we have other activities in the building and need to keep the floor in the open area dry. If you're uncertain where you can go with your wet dog, ask the instructor or staff.

  7. If you use a towel, please put it in the hamper when you are done. If you don't see the hamper, please ask the instructor where to leave the towel. Please do not hang the towel over any of the white gates; it can warp them.

  8. Before exiting the dock, please leash your dog, even if the building is empty. This prevents the dog from getting to the dry open floor area and prevents any issues if someone enters the building with another dog (not all dogs are friendly).

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