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FREE Online Dog Training Course

How on earth did we get this level of attention from our pug Hazel? Watch how focused she is on me and how she follows me in perfect heel position. It all done through building a relationship with your dog; that is, establishing that the best things come from you and showing them that giving you attention is rewarded. It's amazing how much easier it will be to get your dog's attention just by following some simple steps at home. You'll be really glad you watched this video to understand some of the basic rewards and learn how to build your dog's attention. Attention is the true key to training your dog. Learn more below!

FREE 2-hour Socialization Event

Socialization is a critical part of training your dog, so take your dog out in the world and find new stuff to see, smell, hear, and feel. The more stuff your dog can experience, the more comfortable your dog will become in most any situation. It's also important for them to interact with other dogs as a puppy and have positive experiences with other dogs. They'll react better when they see other dogs. 

Join us outdoors in our fenced in area (Weather Permitting) for 2-hours of socialization with your dog. You'll be able to socialize your dog in a controlled environment with other friendly dogs. 

Intro to IPO / Schutzhund Workshop, Only $25

Do you have a high drive working-breed dog (e.g., German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Boxer, Rottweiler, Doberman, etc.)? Working breed dogs need a JOB; they were bred with an inherent instinct to WORK, and if that need isn’t met, you’re wasting the best part about having a working breed dog.

If you're curious and want to "Release the Beast" in your Dog, we have an Intro Workshop you can join for only $25, no experience necessary.

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