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Does your dog like to swim in the pond, but you have no where to bring them in the winter or your're tired of that mud and muck from the pond? Well swim at The Dog Mall:

  • Clean and clear water

  • Fun floating toys for them to use

  • Keep them exercised in the winter

  • spend some quality time with your buddy

  • Pool is open all year long

  • Safe and controlled environment 

Does your dog like to swim in the pond?
Watch the video: First Lesson FAQ -->

Even if your dog has water experience, we always start with a lesson to ensure your dog knows how to enter and exit the pool; once cleared, you can rent the pool without instruction. 

Sign-up for a private lesson: 

  • Free Towels for your use at a lesson

  • Free Treats (hot dog bits) if needed

  • Free Toys on hand for your use

  • Bring friends and family to watch

  • Enter the pool if you want

  • Split an hour with a friend or a few friends

      Or just book a 1/2 hour for your dog​