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Training Schedule


Private Lessons

If you're a little unsure where to start your dog's training, have very specific issues to work-on with your dog, or need flexibility with your busy schedule, private lessons are a great option!

You'll be one-on-one with the trainer and work on just about anything you need help with. 

No matter your goals, we recommend that you start with a 30 minute private lesson if you're new to us (optional)

Group Classes

Most of our group classes meet each week for an hour and last 6-weeks. we've got all different types of classes that include basic obedience as well as sport dog training (e.g., agility, rally obedience, etc.). The typical maximum is 6 dogs for classes. If you don't see something on the schedule, email us at and we can add you to the wait list and contact you when it runs


Workshops are typically 2-hours and are only one-time. the typical maximum is 6 dogs for a workshop. Most workshops can give you an introduction into a sport (e.g., happy ratters, etc.) or work on a very narrow skill (e.g., recall, etc.). Workshops are perfect if you can't commit to a weekly class. Also, we typically offer workshops more often. 


Fenced-in Yard Rental is founded under the workshop schedule

Boot Camps

Unlike our classes, workshops and private lessons, Boot Camps are different in that you drop off your dog for training for 4 hours over 8 weeks. We'll work on the basic commands like sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, etc. at the end of the day, we'll review the commands that trained; you'll have a week to proof, and test those commands and follow-up with any questions.

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